Walks in Lincolnshire

Immerse yourself in nature.

Dogs are always welcome at Belton Woods and we’ve taken some of the stress out of planning activities with a furry friend in tow. Take a look below at the Grantham walks that you can go on by yourself or with man’s best friend.


23 minute drive

Get back in touch with nature . One of the best walks near Grantham for tourists and locals alike. This mostly flat, circular route through woodland is lined with local wildlife and is easy enough for casual walkers to complete.   

Dogs are welcome but may need be kept on leads in some areas.   

Time: 1 hour   

<strong><span class="NormalTextRun SCXW82893517 BCX8">TWYFORD WOODS CIRCULAR</span> </strong>


15 minute drive 

Stroll along the water. An easy stroll down and across the River Witham, walking the Marston Circular is the perfect way to spend a quiet morning or afternoon exploring Lincolnshire. See a different side to Lincolnshire but be warned, the path can get muddy in wet conditions, so make sure you bring your wellies.    

Dogs are welcome but may need to be kept on leads in some areas.   

Time: Just over 2 hours   

<strong><span class="NormalTextRun SCXW234075307 BCX8">MARSTON CIRCULAR</span> </strong>


7 minute drive 

A child-friendly trail.Part of the Woodland Trust, this peaceful walk only takes 20 minutes, and is perfect for burning off some of your little ones’ energy. There’s easy access to parking nearby and Belton Park to the north is filled with more trails if you get the walking bug.   

Dogs are welcome but may need to be kept on leads in some areas.   

Time: 20 mins   

<strong><span class="NormalTextRun SCXW10992761 BCX8" data-ccp-charstyle="eop" data-ccp-charstyle-defn="{&quot;ObjectId&quot;:&quot;d0727e09-1cca-4055-b9ff-f6e00bb219e4|16&quot;,&quot;ClassId&quot;:1073872969,&quot;Properties&quot;:[469775450,&quot;eop&quot;,201340122,&quot;1&quot;,134233614,&quot;true&quot;,469778129,&quot;eop&quot;,335572020,&quot;1&quot;,469778324,&quot;Default Paragraph Font&quot;]}">LONDONTHORPE WOOD</span> </strong>


26 minute drive 

For a longer Lincolnshire walk. Enjoy a breath of fresh air on a circular trail that takes in Stathern, Plungar and Barkestone Woods and the Grade I listed Belvoir Castle. The sometimes-muddy walk is lined with beautiful views of the Lincolnshire countryside and is the perfect way to spend a lazy morning or afternoon.   

Dogs are welcome but may need to be kept on leads in some areas.   

Time: 3.5 hours 

<strong><span class="NormalTextRun SCXW248362188 BCX8">STATHERN &amp; BARKESTONE WOODS</span></strong>