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At Belton Woods Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort, we provide the perfect blend of grown-up relaxation and kid friendly fun with special kid's menus and dedicated family swimming times. The best news? Kids under sixteen stay completely FREE when they share your room. Also, save from 10% off when booking a second room!

Breakfast: 4 years and younger: FREE with a paying adult / 5 - 16 years: £7.50 per child.

Lunch & Dinner: 4 years and younger can enjoy two courses for FREE when dining with an adult in our restaurants or bars. Children eating off our restaurant and bar menu's will be charged the full listed price.

Nestled in the Lincolnshire countryside and surrounded by serene woodland, you have plenty of space to roam and explore with your little ones. Take a look at our hotel map below!    


Fun for all the family is waiting to be had, from Twinlakes to Ancaster Leisure Activity Centre, both your little ones and older teens will love discovering the magical family-friendly activities in Grantham. 

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Yes, children are welcome to play golf on either of our golf courses. However, our pro-shop reserve the right to restrict play depending on the age and skill of the child. An adult may be required to accompany under 16s. Full golf attire is required for any golfer wishing to play the courses. 

Kids under 16 years are not permitted in the gyms or poolside facilities (jacuzzi, sauna and steam room). Your child may swim during the allocated children's swim times, but must be accompanied by an adult.  

Children’s swim times
Monday – Sunday
8am - 11am & 3pm - 6.30pm

Holiday period    
Monday – Sunday
9am - 12pm & 3pm - 6.30pm

Our treatments are suitable for people over the age of 16. We do not provide treatments for children under 16. 

Breakfast is served in the Belton Woods Bar & Grill from 6:30am – 10:00am on weekdays and 6:30am- 10.30am on weekends.

The Belton Woods Bar & Grill serves flavoursome classics, from burgers and steaks, to fish and vegetarian options. Or for a bite to eat after a game of golf, you can stop off at The Claret Jug, serving drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Opening times for dinner at the Belton Woods Bar & Grill are 6pm - 9:30pm.

 Please contact our friendly team by emailing [email protected].